Machon Meir - About Us
Über uns Drucken

The English Department offers a large variety of classes in all fields of Jewish studies, including Bible, Jewish Law, Talmud, Jewish Philosophy, the teachings of Rabbi Kook and Hasidism. Our department’s dedicated staff offers the highest level of personal attention. Classes range from advanced levels to beginner classes in principles of Judaism; both former yeshiva students and first-timers find their place with us. Our students are high school grads, university students, graduates, professionals, etc. Our educational goal is to infuse our students with a love for Judaic Studies, the People and the Land of Israel.

We encourage you to strengthen your Hebrew skills at our in house Hebrew Ulpan, recognized by The Israeli Board of Education.  Machon Meir has status as a Hesder Yeshiva (Yeshiva/Army program), so we can arrange army enlistment as a Hesder student or Machal, if you are interested.




Regular trips and outings are an integral part of Machon Meir’s schedule.


The Land of Israel offers so much to be discovered! Whether a hiking trip to a breathtaking nature reserve, or visits to landmarks of Biblical and historical importance; we generate a love of the Land of Israel within our students.

We also travel to various communities throughout the country for Shabbat in order to experience closely the spirit of the Land of Israel.

At Machon Meir, teachers personally mentor and guide you, helping you develop an encompassing love of every Jewish person, regardless of background or affiliation.

Living with Machon Meir's students, all from incredibly diverse backgrounds, ensures that you become a part of the vibrant, growing State of Israel!

The Department for English Speakers has existed for over 20 years and over 1000 students from 6 continents have studied here. Our staff includes new, and not so new Olim (immigrants) from North America, Australia and England. Attention is given to your specific needs, making the transition to life in Israel much easier and pleasant. Students regularly dine with teachers at their homes on Shabbat and holidays.

Machon Meir is located in the beautiful neighborhood of Kiryat Moshe in west Jerusalem, minutes from downtown Jerusalem. We offer full room and board; scholarships are also available.